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Ho Ho Ho!

Posted by Hammondo in Hammondo's Blog, 15 December 2012 · 728 views

Evening all...

Felt I hadn't blogged lately. To be honest, my work circumstance means I've had very little time to do anything other than sleep lately. But here I am, it's 2am on a Saturday morning, and I feel I need to write something. It may mean very little, but momentum is momentum....

A lot has been said recently about attendances. I...


Budgets, Cash Flow, Income and Charles Dickens

Posted by Nick Austin in Nick Austin's Blog, 01 March 2011 · 1,681 views

I’m not the right person to turn to for advice on matters of high finance, or low finance for that matter. The present banking crisis leaves me as befuddled as the next man, assuming that the next man is a slack jawed yokel who can’t understand why the banks don’t start putting some of their profits to work to help smaller businesses get going again....

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